Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blogger Blast

There were so many of you that I needed to reply to about going to the blogger blast this weekend, so I just thought I've BLOG about it--how appropriate?!?!?!? So, yes, if I can get a sitter, I'll be there with bells on!! Ready to meet the ones I don't know yet, reunite with those of you I haven't seen in a while, and just plain out have a girls night out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I made it....

I got the final word this morning that I passed my EMT exam!! woo-hoo!! It has been a stressful 6-7 months-- away from two small kids, juggling Premier, working, class 2 nights a week and at least 1 Saturday per month, a shift working husband, and all the rest of the hats that us ladies wear!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Madness Specials

In honor of NCAA and March being a big Basketball month,
I want to give YOU any pair of 'hoop' earrings for 20% off the retail price!

Also, by 'holding' a show with me this month, I'll 'pass' you ANY piece of jewelry (up to $40 value) for $10.00!!
Yes, ladies, that is 75% OFF!!

We're having a 'ball' of fun this month.. Don't commit a 'foul' this spring by not being on top of your 'game' with Premier's hotest fashion trends!!

Call or email me today to take advantage of these 'steals'!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yea, I'm blogging.. just for a minute..

I just wanted to wish my very dear friend, Donielle, a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are an amazing Christian woman, wife, mother, friend, teacher, mentor, babysitter, goofy person, fun loving, caring, sweet, compassionate, talented singer (lol), awesome cake maker, jewelry maker, on and on!!!! Did I mention goofy?!?!

Today is YOUR day, and you totally deserve all the best wishes your birthday can bring!! I love you dearly and thank God for you being in my life! You have touched SO many different people in so many ways. You are an inspiration to all you meet!

Now, wipe your tears and get it together!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

All the 'regular' tests are done..

Last night I took my 7th and last EMT test. Next week I have the final exam and practical exam. Last night was a milestone, b/c we have to have a 80 average on tests AND a 80 on the final exams in order to sit for the state exam on March 6.

I took the test and waited for over an hour for the results. It was a 90-which is an A b/c it's a 10 pt grading scale-- which allowed to me to have maintained my A average since August. Which I must admit was a rather large challenge.. with working 2 jobs, raising 2 small kids, and a hubby that works shiftwork.. This class was 2 nights per week and at least one Saturday per month. whew...I'm glad to almost be done completely with this.

Upon passing the state exam in March, I can and plan to go to work as an EMT. Then, if all continues to fall into place, I'll start the next certification, EMT-I in the fall or winter. Both of these have to be done before enrolling and taking Paramedic classes. whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

16 random things...

I'm gonna take a stab at this.. NO thinking involved, just typing..

1-I'm not please with my job!
2-I'm not happy with my weight.
3-figuring out a babysittering schedule--ugh!
4- thank God I have WONDEFUL sitters, when I can coordinate their schedule with mine.
5-EMT class is almost over
6- state exam is March 6--OMG!
7-I really want a vacation.
8- I want to do more 'family activities' this year.
9- my trampoline was destroyed.. the poles were snapped like toothpicks.
10-my jewelry Mama is having her 2nd daughter Thursday
11-Jamie is still sick
12- need to go to the bank & PO
13- what al I gonna eat for lunch
14-I need to get back on target and read my bible EVERY night like I used to do
15-This year, I need to SEARCH for ways I can make a difference in someone's life
16-I pray EVERYday for my hubby and my children.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bits and Pieces of the last few weeks..

Well, Bowen started Christmas Eve with pink eye, sore throat and a VERY high fever.. 105.3 to be exact!! It stayed in the 103-104's for about 3-4 days.. Around the clock Motrin and Tylenol every 3-4 hrs. whew!!!

In the middle of this, Karley has a cold and sore throat.. Then got Pink Eye.. Then she started New Years Eve with the viral fever.. Hers was 102-103's for the same 3-4 days..

Jamie got pink eye in BOTH eyes..

We stayed at home New Year's Eve and was in bed by 10pm..

New Year's Day--my sister's dog was gunned down by a neighbor and anyone that knows my fmaily KNOWS that the death of a pet is MAJOR business.. So, she had her friend that was visiting her drive her 2 hrs. home form New Bern for the burial at my parent's house.

WE got a yellow lab puppy, Bella, for Christmas.. I've been VERY busy house training her.. So, as Shelley says, I've been raising 3 kids..

Karley went back to school as did I this past Monday..

Evey which way I turn, it seems that there's been a death... jeepers creepers!!

Erin & Joe had their baby girl, Reagan Whitney,Friday the 2nd at 1:34 am.. She had a great labor and delivery.. Water broke around 7:30 Thursday night, and baby was here at 1:30am!! BEAUTIFUL little girl.. I have pics, but had ZERO time to post those.. There 'stored' with my Christmas pictures I took!! lol! So, Erin, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!! We are elated to have a new baby in the family..

Last night's wind storm threw the $375 trampoline and enclosure OVER our shed into the woods.. It took out Pine tree limbs that were 30 feet up... All balled up in the woods.. Jamie and Joe are digging it out now to see what if anything we can save.. My parents and TOnya got the kids that for Christmas.. And ya'll know the weather we've had.. they've jumped like 3times for a total of 30 minutes MAX...

I THINK that's all I have off the top of my head!! Sorry it's been SO long since I've posted, but I've been kinda 'dry' with thoughts lately!! And been WAY too busy to get into all that.. Ya'll just be thankful I gave the SHORT version of events!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!